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Anger Management

Anger is an emotional state and ranges from a mild frustration to an intense rage or fury. When we get angry it is often times associated with biological changes such as increase blood pressure and heart rate, higher levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline which both impact our decision making and could lead to bad decisions being made, leading to consequences within the family, work, personal relationships and even health issues.

Anger as we know can be caused by both internal and external causes. You could be angry at a specific person like that of a challenging co-worker or boss or an event like traffic or anger over unresolved personal issues. Past traumatic events can also be “triggers” for angry feelings. 

If you feel your anger is out of control or you are having consequences due to your anger you might consider counseling to address this. Anger management counseling can help you learn how to manage your anger using the latest evidence based techniques, get you what you want and avoid the consequences anger episodes can have on your life.

At Advanced Treatment Solutions, we offer a one to one anger management counseling program lasting approximately 12 sessions which targets how to manage anger and take control back in your life.