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Perinatal and Postpartum Mental Health Counseling

Perinatal and Maternal Mental Health


Everyone experiences their own reproductive journey. During this process, however, individuals may have unexpected challenges that impact their lives.  These can include infertility, perinatal anxiety or depression, pregnancy loss, postpartum anxiety and depressive symptoms, and neonatal trauma and loss. 

While women often experience mood fluctuations postpartum (the time after birth up until 1 year), 1 in 5 experience postpartum depression.  1 in 10 men also suffer from postpartum depression. If you find yourself in an unexpected place anywhere along your reproductive journey, being able to talk about your struggles can be beneficial and help you to feel less isolated. The goal of therapy is to help support you along your journey, help you feel more confident, and learn new ways to manage your symptoms.


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